Truly Great Coffee

There's coffee. Then there's coffee... freshly roasted, rich, and appeals to all of the senses coffee.  This is the very mission of Notes Curbside Coffees.


 #Thebigredmug continues to strive for perfection in our coffee preparation, our customer service, and our uniqueness.


Notes Curbside Coffees is Charleston's own mobile 11' coffee mug ready to arrive at your event in style. From festivals to office catering, weddings, and special events-Notes Curbside Coffees brings coffee catering, curbside to you.  


Did you know that 80% of coffee flavor profiles come from scent alone? That being said, this is the primary reason why we freshly grind our coffee on site to ensure a pleasing experience for your olfactory nerves.  


You will notice freshness abound in every cup that we serve to you.

Locally Roasted, Fresh 


Coffee should be an experience, yet stay simple, that is the very reason we come back to it daily; the taste.  The evolution of coffee, however, has declined with the introduction of large massive franchises. More and more consumers are reaching for mass-produced beans, coffee beans that are roasted in large batches and stay on the shelves of large scale franchises, losing freshness by the minute.  

We obtain all of our single origin beans and espresso roasts locally.  Each batch is micro-roasted to order, so everyone can experience the amazing aromas, upon opening the bag to grind.


Notes Curbside Coffees would not have it any other way. 

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


Notes Curbside Coffees proudly obtains our beans from Lowcountry Coffee Roasters.  They roast Organic and Fair-Trade beans and have direct relationships with the farms that their beans come from. 


They offer:

Represents our belief that the livelihoods of coffee farmer's should be as rewarding as the people who drink their coffee. Because we deal with the farm or their representative directly we can ensure the farmers receive a rewarding price per pound for their crop. Our Direct Trade Program is taking steps to ensure that farmer's around the world can feed their family through sustainable methods.

Denotes certification by the United States Department of Agricultural for organically grown, processed, and roasted coffees. All organic coffees are kept in separate storage from non organic coffees, handled with different containers and are always the first coffees of the day to be roasted.

Denotes certification by Rainforest Alliance that the farm producing the coffee is using sustainable practices that conserve the biodiversity of the surrounding ecosystem and enhance the livelihoods of the farmers practicing them.

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